Cassandra wilde

Welcome to Watchfulness

There is a reason why you are here.

Pause just for a moment and ask what it is.

Perhaps it is because after careful reflection you know that being watchful for opportunities to surrender brings a calm joy to your busy life.

Perhaps you understand that a submissive and attentive woman is wise and intelligent, that she understands the overwhelming power of her own natural instincts with clarity, and senses there are useful ways of expressing them.

Perhaps you believe you will gain peace and balance for yourself and for those around you if only you could gain a clear understanding of your calling to serve and to please.

Perhaps it’s because you have experienced the exhilarating power of submission in daily life and in a balanced relationship with others and you seek ways of deepening that experience.

You may have never encountered our approach to surrender before, or even heard of our small sisterhood, although we have been around in this form for more than 25 years and have welcomed participants from around the world. Watchfulness is part of a larger, older community dedicated to various approaches to rational, spiritual, sexual, emotional and even practical surrender, but this site is certainly not intended to recruit anyone for anything. Of course we do hope you find comfort and value in the resources and information presented here. The contents of this site are based on individual insights and shared instruction and experiences, and we, who call ourselves the sisters of watchfulness, offer these with the hope that they will be helpful to you.

Watchfulness is the portal to this journey. You know already whether or not this door should be opened.

Next steps:

This is the way out.

This is one way forward.

But this is the best navigational advice:

Stop where you are. Look around. Consider what you can see. Follow your instincts. There is no linear, comprehensive organizing principle for this site – or for the experience of watchfulness itself. Useful resources are linked from certain key pages. Some of these are found listed at the top of this page. From time to time and from page to page, links change according to perceived interest and the topics of current conversation in the community discussion area.

An intelligent woman entering here does not browse the site casually. Rather she gains watchfulness as she seeks her way.

Over the years, we have learned that experience must precede understanding and that information provided on the basis of need rather than a passing interest may be more valued. The top of this page has some links to basic information. By glancing at the labels, you will know where to go from here. Only a bit of a search will yield helpful resources, and if not, there’s always more Google.

If you need help, you can always contact the sister serving as administrator by writing to her at [email protected].

Last revised Dec. 2020