Cassandra wilde

There is nothing i cannot endure

from the community’s ‘independent disciplines’ discussion area.

i wanted to very specifically comment on this that you wrote, sister:

I may never have that sort of impact on the world…

Please never underestimate the ripple effect of your every thought and act in the world. Your writing of your life here has impacted me. i often soften in my response to others when i recall the gentleness and lovingness of your words. When i am softer, my husband benefits, then his colleagues and clients benefit, then my children benefit, and their partners, and their children. When i am kinder to the person in the supermarket because i recall your beautiful words, it is possible that they too will pass that on.

i live far away from you in different circumstances and work in a different field, yet we are bound together in obedience and surrender, and yet you are having an impact on me and on the lives of many. It is an endless cycle of love that we can put out into the world with the simplest act.

There is little i haven’t been through in my life —abuse, loss, serious crises in my marriage …. the list just goes on, but all have strengthened and softened me.

There is nothing i am unprepared for: nothing i cannot endure.

Best of all, there is nothing that could harden me as i used to be since belonging here. i am not only open to vulnerability, i feel i can embrace it, find strength and love in it…and it is such a comforting and peaceful place to be.


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