Cassandra wilde

privacy policy

Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not share any information of any kind with anyone. We collect no user information beyond that necessary to facilitate correspondence and registration. We do not share, sell, relay or otherwise transmit this information to any third party for any reason. During registration, you may choose what information is publicly revealed about you. Examine your profile settings carefully. This information can be changed after registration by clicking on “profile.”

Privacy matters to all of us. Please do not provide personally identifying information about anyone associated with the community in the areas of the community that are open to public view. This site is not suitable for children.

If you wish to share your own comments (only) with your husband or partner, please print them out for him and present them without also making the comments of others or access to the community available to him. Watchfulness can only function if the privacy of all our sisters is respected. For this reason we require new members to establish private email accounts with yahoo, hotmail, Gmail or another provider, as article notifications are sent automatically and may contain direct link-backs. We understand this is obsessive, so if helping maintain our privacy is something you do not feel you can do, please do not seek membership.

The community’s private message system is secure and safe. Correspondence with other members outside the system is not advised. Members posting personal email addresses to encourage off-site contact or soliciting unwanted, off-site correspondence with other members may be removed from the community without warning. Please report all inappropriate private messages or emails to a community administrator.

This site (and the online community) is fully protected by copyright; further reproduction and distribution in violation of United States copyright law is prohibited. It is not a resource for journalists, researchers or others.

We live on trust, we take confidentiality very seriously – and we understand completely the necessity of guarding it assiduously.