Cassandra wilde

responsibilities of membership

Participation is expected.  Our community has a limited number of places available for members. We do not collect membership fees, we don’t send you unrequested emails and we do not intrude on your privacy.

The principal obligation new members must meet is simple participation. Your experiences are vital for our growth, our work and our wisdom.

We are all volunteers. With almost no tangible resources other than our time and effort, we simply cannot support the membership of those who, for whatever reason, will only read the articles created by others but not offer any experiences or insights of their own. Please support our work by sharing your views and experiences and, when possible, by making a modest donation from time to time – or you may opt for a monthly subscription.

Membership in this community is limited to 100 active participants.

It is also deceptively difficult. Many women go through our rather inconvenient screening and registration process only to find that because our work is serious (if enjoyable!) it is also too challenging to continue. When that happens, the admission process wastes enormous time on both sides.

To help gain clarity and perhaps save time: while many of us enjoy sexuality in various (even extreme) ways, this is not a site devoted only to BDSM. There is no chance that you will meet a man here. There are no displays of gratuitous nudity. We don’t sell vibrators or dildos or even T-shirts. We don’t sell anything.

The submissive stereotype doesn’t work here.

Our discussions are about the difficulties inherent in living a life of aroused surrender. Submission is not an occasional actvity for most of us. It simply describes what we are.

We come from all walks of life and from around the world. Some of us are stay-at-home moms, some of us are single. Some of us are business executives, some are school teachers or university professors, some are medical or legal professionals, some of us are unemployed and others of us work several jobs in order to make ends meet. Some of us are ardent feminists, and some aren’t at all. Some of us do not have an undergraduate degree, while others have multiple degrees from prestigious universities. But we do share this: we are all intelligent women and definitely not unthinking doormats.

If you cannot actively participate as a member of our community please do not ask to take a place that could be given to someone else who can participate. Members should expect to publish an article or observation, however brief, in our discussion circles at least once every two weeks – and more often when possible or whenever interest elicits comment.

We do not permit passive participation. Accounts are suspended automatically if 14 or more days pass between the posting of articles. We try to keep our membership rolls current to avoid the need to ask applicants to join a waiting list.

Every applicant is personally screened before being admitted to Watchfulness.