Cassandra wilde


Experience precedes understanding.

None of the sisters in this community will be able to give you an understanding of what ‘watchfulness’ is. There is no shortcut, no simple explanation. But an understanding of watchfulness is something you can gain for yourself. All you need is experience.

Long after the reward of all this work and effort comes a kind of surprising bonus—the realization that in addition to gaining self-knowledge and awareness, you’ve also gained a kind of wisdom that could not have been obtained any way other than by traveling these pathways. In this community, you will encounter women who have been gathering and studying experience for five, 10, 15 years, or longer. You may journey with them for a while, or you may remain as they depart, then watch as they return. There is no “graduation.” One day you realize watchfulness has become a way of life.

When you have compiled sufficient experience, you too will be able to say that, yes, six months, a year, two years ago, you were trying to find some sort of connection late at night on-line or all day at work because you had none at home. But now that’s changed—and the biggest change of all is that you are simply wiser than you were when you started; you are fully awake and watchful.

Then you will be able to say you know something important that you didn’t know not so long ago.

Then you will be able to say you understand.

If any of this resonates with you, there is always the next step…


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