Cassandra wilde

…and if I ask to join?

…what happens then?

Every step you make into watchfulness is a step further into vulnerability. Not surprisingly fewer than one in a hundred visitors ever seek formal admission, and even then usually after repeated visits here to read the public areas of the site.

We are pleased that the number of applicants is self-limiting, since processing every application requires a significant amount of effort on our part—and only a bit less on yours.

Most of our sisters are women with robust, complex lives seeking to do work in an area that is unknown or at least unusual to most. It is sexual, invasive, compelling—in short, terrifying, especially if made public. So, as will by now be apparent, we are preoccupied by the urgent and persistent need for absolute privacy and for protecting the community. Few could understand our intentions, and by now you know if you are one. ‘Submission’ and ‘surrender’ are words that have been severely abused not only by popular culture but by an historic and societal trend away from the values we hold. So excuse us if we seem a bit too watchful!

If you contact the sister serving in the admin capacity, you will be asked to verify your intent and to help arrange a brief interview by phone or cam. This is essential and required of every woman active in this community. All of us have had to cross this threshold but there is no other way in. You will be contacted only by careful arrangement and no record of your information is retained. The brief conversation will be intended to give you a chance to ask a participant questions, while giving the community a chance to verify that you are at least approximately who you say you are, and a woman aged at least 28 years.

This not an evaluative process. Evaluation here is something you do for yourself. You will know when you should proceed or when you should withdraw. We do not judge. We only protect and permit and when we must deny participation here, it is done during  the application process, not as a result of holding an unpopular view or describing an unusual desire.

The possibilities here are endless. You will find that in Watchfulness, your own limits will be reached long before anyone in the community might think it helpful to impose them.