Cassandra wilde

next steps

For most women, just opening this site is a next step. What now?

First, reflect on what may have caused you to find us.

You may recognize yourself here:

A hungry soul: you know you need more, but you aren’t even sure what you’re looking for. This is a very common dilemma in these confusing days.

Food disorders: whether it’s overeating or drastic attempts to control food – anorexia, bulimia, obsessive dieting, compulsive overeating – food is often part of the attempt to handle feelings of hunger and lack.

Addictions: using drugs and alcohol to distract from what is really happening around you and to you.

Compulsive behaviors: cutting, OCD, excessive spending, gambling, etc.

Sexlessness: it’s an androgynous culture, that much is certain. Androgyny can be the source of great dissatisfaction for women.

Sexual promiscuity: affairs, on-line pursuits, serial monogamy.

Or you may be using professional striving as a way to slake the hunger.

Unfortunately, none of this brings you to where you want to be. None of it gives you peace and joy and wisdom. You are adrift with choices and abundance, yet anchored by dissatisfaction and numb to your life as it unfolds.

Perhaps you can discuss some of these topics with a trusted friend, a husband or partner, a priest, rabbi or confidante. Or you may seek a referral to a useful text by contacting us and telling a watchful sister your interests. Or you may simply let what you have read here settle with you until you feel called to continue.

If you want to find out more about our community and the way we live our day-to-day leaning into awareness, please browse the few public pages accessible here. The site is not intended for sequential browsing, but we feel certain that if you seek with an open heart and  mind, you will be led to the place where watchfulness will find you.

In time, you may even ask to join us in the work we are doing. The process of joining the community is not simple and we are somewhat obsessed with privacy. Of course, the freedom of privacy may be part of what you’re looking for.