Cassandra wilde

a life lived in watchfulness

There’s something missing.

You’re not even sure what it is. You just feel its absence, a hunger…

For many of us, this journey started with an empty feeling. A desire for more.

For some, the emptiness was a yearning.

For others, it felt like a craving for food or sex or other comforts.

This hunger led us to empty and destructive behaviors, expressed externally (weight gain or destructive affairs) and/or internally (feelings of hopelessness and despair).

Modern society gives us so many choices and so many options. Yet even the abundant gifts found in our stable and prosperous lives fail to satisfy. We yearn for more, and crave fulfillment, without any idea of what is lacking.

Anxiety, depression, anger – our dissatisfaction is expressed in a variety of different ways.

This feeling is your wake-up call. It brought you here, and hopefully it will help you to find a more satisfying way of life. We use watchfulness as a way to move through life in full awareness of the peace and joy and beauty around us.

“i think of that hunger, or restlessness, as something that brings us closer…” marisa

“i know i will always long for more. i am, however, beginning to enjoy the longing in its own right. It makes me know i’m alive.” laura

“It started with hunger, but became so much more…” nina

Many of us have come to this portal before.  At our mother site, the Submissive Wife Project, and here, many, many women have come this far, only to turn away in anxiety and a fear of self-understanding. They return year after year after year. Finally, they knock.

We are a small community, but a welcoming one to both returning sisters who have been with us before and now seek a homecoming, and to those who come to our door many times before finding the courage to knock. We hope to hear you at the door. We know that a community that doesn’t expand is not stable but simply dying.

It is very difficult to make the decision to join this community, yet we believe this community is needed. In a world unfriendly to the instincts of women like us, we are a refuge.

Watchfulness, as practiced here, is the key to finding peace and clarity. If you are a woman 28 or older and seek to join us, click here.

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